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Introducing an exquisite collection of fragrances, each a symphony of carefully curated notes, elevating your presence. Embrace uniqueness with Elmira, Hani, and Dalia for an unforgettable impression and enchanting scents.

πŸ—Έ Elmira - The Noble Princess (30ML)
- Elmira exudes regal grace and poise, making you feel like royalty.
- This fragrance features a delicate blend of Apple, Bergamot, Musk, and Caramel, creating a harmonious and captivating scent.
- Its essence is fit for a royal princess, revealing the sweetness of Apple and Caramel with a touch of citrusy Bergamot.
- With a warm and sensual Musk base note, it's a choice that exudes pure royalty.

πŸ—Έ Hani - The Joyful Radiance (30ML)
- Hani's tranquility envelops, like a warm, sweet embrace, carrying you to a world of serenity and joy.
- Mandarin, Patchouli, Orchid, Musk: a sweet, comforting caress, unveiling joy and kindness artfully.
- Zesty Mandarin, earthy Patchouli; a gentle, soothing fusion as sweet as a caress in harmony.
- Orchid and grounding Musk - a tranquil, sweet, fragrant dream you never want to end.

πŸ—Έ Dalia - The Prestige Symphony (30ML)
- Dalia is a fragrance that unfolds an empowering allure, giving you a sense of confidence and grace.
- Its captivating blend of Woody, Fruity, Vanilla, and Floral notes creates a fragrant dance of complexity and sophistication.
- Every note conceals a hidden empowerment, and the scent reveals poise and grace with every spritz.
- With a rich, woody complexity, sweet, fruity undertones, and the warmth of Vanilla, it is an empowering allure that dances gracefully in the light.

Elevate your everyday with Elmira, Hani, and Dalia. These fragrances embody your unique essence and leave a lasting impression.
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