The Malaysian Zenith Corporation, MAZCO, is a proud home to four exceptional brands: Mystio, Hovty, Cravmo, and Outcst. As a premier destination for exquisite Malaysian local-made products and awesome communites, we invite you to explore our curated collections, each bearing the hallmark of quality, style, and innovation. Welcome to the Mazco Crew!



Mystio, our distinguished health and beauty brand, stands at the forefront of luxury and well-being, specializing in the art of fragrances and perfumes, where every scent is crafted with precision, care, and a commitment to enhancing your senses and nurturing your inner and outer beauty.


Hovty, our cherished home and living brand, takes center stage in the world of interior aesthetics, dedicated to elevating your living spaces with a captivating array of home decoration items, where each piece is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with your unique style and transform your house into a warm and inviting haven of personal expression and comfort.


Outcst, our fashion and accessories brand, emerges as a trendsetter in the realm of urban style, channeling the spirit of individuality through a striking collection of embroidered streetwear fashion, where every garment and accessory carries an intricate fusion of art and attitude, enabling you to make a statement and embrace a lifestyle that defies convention and embraces the extraordinary.


Cravmo, our delectable food and beverage brand, tantalizes the taste buds with a delectable selection of confectionaries and cooling beverages, where the essence of culinary craftsmanship meets a refreshing burst of flavor, offering you a delectable escape into a world of sweet indulgence and thirst-quenching delight that promises to satisfy even the most discerning of palates.